Look at this place… is it wrong to want to make love to a print studio?  Just put on some Boyz II Men and get down to it.

My entries to the Biennial International Miniature Print Exhibition ( )

Measuring 5 x 7cm and 7.5 x 9cm 

inking jig for tiny prints to stop the ink from flooding the edges

Super small Lino cuts, with stamp pad proofs

digital mock up of the print I’m working on atm. 

proofs of some new prints both 15cmX15cm 

more work here 

s114442-jist (by arthousecoop)

this is my entry in the 2013 print exchange the whole collection is here

lino work in progress. 15x15cm

wood block print on a cross section of a old log that had split. Around 7cm 

more work here

new wood cut. more work here

New lino prints awaiting more colours, 15x15 cm each 

proof of an unfinished block.


jist and I

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